愿          景:  少一个,再少一个烧烫伤者;多一个,再多一个幸福家庭。

使          命:  让我们的孩子远离烧烫伤,让身边的伤者得到爱护、帮助和尊重!

核心价值观: 关爱陪伴 鼓励支持

口          号:  温暖心  爱无痕

志愿者口号:  一起行动  你就是力量

公 益 作 风: 务实担当  协同创新

公 益 哲 学: 精准帮扶  智慧关爱

公 益 道 德: 至诚至信  共进共强



Less burned patients and more happy families.

Mission: Keep our children far away from burn accidents and the injured cared, helped and respected.

Core value: Care and support.

Motto: Warm their hearts with selfless love.

Volunteers’ Motto: Let’s move & You are my power.

Working Style: Practical, coordinated and innovative.

Working Philosophy: Targeted assistance and wise care.

Business Ethics: Good faith and common effort.

Burn Care Day: April 6.